Saturday, January 7, 2012

Around the World - South Africa - Rob Foote

It is time to travel the world once more! This time, let's start from the downward up and try to tackle the world's 2nd largest continent - Africa. Our first stop - South Africa! Let's see what they have to offer.

Had you ever fancy yourself as a scientist? Splicing DNAs of different species and creating something new? Although being artists, we cannot really or know how to splice DNAs, we could definitely let our imaginations run wild! And that is what Rob Foote did. :) The illustrations from his 'Samples from the Lab' series plays fun on words such as Chillidog, (chilli + dog) Walnut, (walrus + nut) and Dandylion (dandelion + lion) just to name a few. These quirky and amusing illustrations would certainly be a great gift for a science nerd friend! :) Best of all, 10% of the funds made from the sales would go to the World Wild Life fund, so what's not to support?


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