Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nutella Milk

Do you love nutella? Because I LOVE nutella! Among my favorite ways to eat nutella is spreading them on banana slices and eat straight out of the jar. All good things comes to an end though, the jar of nutella will be finished one day. But it is such a shame to throw the jar away when there is still so much nutella goodness sticking to the walls of the jar. So I decided that I should not waste them, let's make nutella milk!

1. (almost) Empty jar of nutella.
2. Milk.

Warm milk up a little bit. Use the microwave to nuke the milk if it's fresh out of the fridge, remember to use a microwaveable mug! The warm milk would help melt the nutella faster, so you could finish sooner. Pour the warm milk into the nutella jar, shut tight and shake vigorously!! Continue shaking until you are tired, those nutella bits can be pretty stubborn.

Pour nutella milk into a mug, and enjoy! Or even drink straight out of the nutella jar if you want.

I like mine cold and served in my awesome Cthulhu mug! Which is my go-to mug when I want to nuke any drinks. (mostly milk) I got him at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco from Skeletal Dropkick. The nutella milk is mild and delicious, and tasted perfect with huey&wah's super delicious and rich chocolate marshmallows!

And how does the nutella jar look like in the end?

Here it is, totally emptied out. Save for teenee tiny bits left at the bottom of the jar. Yes, I was very very rigorous with my shaking. My arm got a pretty good work out that day when I made this nutella milk. :) The result was all worth the effort though! Yum yum!


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