Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giveaways of November

My November giveaway had not started yet, but that doesn't mean I can't introduce and promote other giveaways on here. :)

Winner's Choice of 8x10 print from Kelly D Brown. Lovely photos, I have a dream of collecting prints from all of my favorite photographers and hang them in a row on my wall. I have a few wishlist and some I might buy from, but winning them is so much more fun right? :) Kelly has some amazing photographs! It was difficult to choose between the Flight of the Bumblebee (pictured above) and Come Dance with Me which features a beautiful koi. (I am partial to fishes) But I love the colors in the Flight of the Bumblebee more~ Giveaway ends on November 19th.

Leaping Gazelle's winner's choice of 2 prints giveaway. Another print giveaway! Leaping Gazelle's photos are more minimalistic, with a single interesting subject, and a simple, clear background, with a touch of texture to add to the richness. Very unique and lovely style. You can win up to TWO prints, and there are 3 winners! So what's stopping you from entering? Giveaway ends on November 16th, so get moving!

Vintage envelope seals of the month club (1 year subscription) giveaway. This one is a fun one, you need to guess how many envelope seals the seller made over 175 days! Don't believe me? Check it out yourself. :) I made a random guess of 8283 lol. Would be fun to keep an eye on. Giveaway ends November 13th, that's today! (can you tell I've been delaying writing this post for too long?)

I love my sponsors giveaway - $25 gift cert. Sometimes, some giveaways are just not you're thing, you may love the shop, but not the giveaway item. Sometimes you're just not interested at all because there weren't enough choices. So what about a $25 gift cert to be used in 24 different shops? Just choose any one shop you like! Giveaway ends November 22nd.

Winner's choice of patchwork pinny, bag or cushion. I think in my last post, I mentioned that I'm starting to love handmade textile art, and these patchworks are just so adorable! I'm more partial to the bag (though the pillow is cute too) and this is to launch the seller's new blog, so go check it out and show some support to a new fellow blogger :) Giveaway ends November 23rd.

$50 gift voucher giveaway for Licia Beads Vault. One of my biggest woes were being too poor to afford lots and lots of beautiful gemstones. So when I found this giveaway, I was all over it! Giveaway ends December 3rd.


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