Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inspirational Thursday - Textured Table Decors

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :) I hope all of you are prepared to fill your stomachs on this joyous day. This week's Inspirational Thursday I want to feature beautiful textured table decors that would make a touch of beauty to your dining table or even a centerpiece. I know it's a little too late to get it for your table right now, but perhaps you could plan for Christmas dinner or next year? ;)

I just love the ceramic pieces from this artist! Perhaps one day I will get one of their amazing wall tiles for my own wall.

Her ceramics are just so breathtakingly intricate and beautiful, every detail is just perfect! I wish to someday own one of her pieces as well.

Such a beautiful, dainty and organic design. It's interesting how a simple curve and a bunch of pierced holes could make such a beautiful piece.

How cute is this bowl? It would be so fun to serve soup or ice cream in this.

How delightful is this little tea light holder? When I have my own place, I would definitely get one or two from this wonderful shop. ^^

I am a closet ceramic/pottery lover, the only reason I don't have a lot at my house is because they are fragile and I don't have any place for them. One of my current goals is to have a place of my own someday though, (I'm dreaming here) and then I could decorate it with wonderful handmade items from Etsy~

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