Monday, November 15, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market 5

Craft markets are really inspirational, and the local Malaysia's Pipit Wonderful Market may be the most inspirational of them all! Unfortunately, I weren't able to partake because they had a number cap on jewelry vendors. It is understandable, considering the amount of jewelry sellers out there hahaha. Perhaps next time, when I launched PaperJuice. :)

Now let's go on a visual journey through the photographs I took during the craft market. Look at the vast talent and variety of items offered. I apologize for the so-so quality of the photos, I did not manage to lug the new and shiny DSLR to the market, I was just accompanied by my old and trusty point and shoot.

Probably my favorite booth of the entire craft market - Beanipet's booth! She always have the loveliest and most creative and elaborate booth designs. Last time it was the bed, and this time a hot air balloon of love! :D Just too adorable!

Her theme this time was a bed of clouds, all the beanipets resting on cloud 9. I have yet to figure out how she made that feathery bed-like thing, simply mind blowing! I know the feather-like thing is made of paper, from when I was trying to fight the crowd into the booth and my legs brushing against it. But HOW, I have no idea still!! Just so delicate and lovely. Jun, the maker of beanipets, is adorable too! :)

Cute monster plushies sitting in a vintage suitcase. I want a suitcase like that for my own someday! I wonder if my grandma have one.. hmm...

Odd lizard-like keychain plush toys, I find them oddly amusing!

And a wall of severed wooden fingers! Mildly macabre and very interesting!

I love this booth's deco, they sell decorative pegs, cupcake toppers and various things. (too bad they don't have cupcake samplers lol) I can see that they are going for a more food/picnic theme decoration. But they really should use a red gingham cloth if so!

I have a special liking to interesting packagings, and this definitely strikes my fancy! A bundle of various items all packaged nicely in a food container, like something you could buy from a grocery store, take home and reheat in the microwave! Although of course, I wouldn't chuck this in a microwave, honest!

This booth sells some really adorable stuff!

My favorite is their decorative journals, so adorable! It even has a lace bookmark :D

Another way to decorate your booth - just scatter your items all over the table, lol! But in some strange way, it does look very inviting for people to go forward and dig through the pile to find treasures.

Adorable felted stuff! Those earrings, although not my style, does look very interesting! Never seen those before. :D

They have cute little plushies as well, love the little kitties with their fishies :)

This booth has some really cute and colorful products! Love the lively illustrations.

There was one booth with all these really detailed miniature rooms, like this one with a kitchen setting.

...and this depicting dining rooms. However, I don't think they were for sale at all, merely just to draw people's attention? Too bad it kinds of draw attention away from her merchandises, I can't seem to recall what she was selling...

Probably one of the busiest and most popular booth there lol - Minifanfan's booth!

Her large variety of necklace pendants! She has such a unique and easily recognizable style, love it! The seller herself is really cute too :)

Another booth with adorable soft toys in many sizes!

Surprisingly, there are A LOT of soft toy sellers in Pipit. Cute plushies in various shapes, styles and sizes everywhere! Girls that love plushies would love it.

I love the booth decoration for this as well. He had a pier-theme going on, with a wooden crate, a lamp and a 1-foot tall lighthouse standing nearby. Too bad I didn't get a nice picture of the lighthouse >.<

Speaking of the sea, here are some cute beach ball soft toys! So soft and squishy. Too bad they are too heavy and not bouncy enough to be used as real beach balls. :P

And lastly, a booth selling antique and vintage cameras! All of them are still working too! Too bad the seller did not know when the cameras were made. I picked up the Rolleicord camera in the far back up to check it out for a bit. The weight, the intricate design was so amazing. It feels kind of surreal holding such an old camera in my hands. Too bad it would cost me an arm and a leg. :( Plus he only accepts cash... His table was totally surrounded by guys though!!!

And that concludes my trip to Pipit Wonderful Market 5. Would definitely like to join it one day, so lively and fun! I am broke this month, so I only got one item during the craft market. :)

A manly 3-legged lizard with a zipper mohawk! It's a small plush toy made with recycled materials, it has a keychain ring and a bottle cap opener attached to it's tail. That face, that mustache!! I just can't help myself!

And 3 rolls of gorgeous imported fabric I got for my coworker, she's using them to make a teddy bear. :) Jun from Beanipet was destashing her cute cloth stash, and my coworker couldn't come with me to the craft market due to personal reasons, so I got it for her.

That concludes my report for the Pipit market. So what's next? The Crafty Art Market with Etsy Malaysia perhaps? :D Although due to personal reasons as well, I couldn't partake. Sorry guys!!! But I will come equipped with my new toy when I drop by!


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