Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspirational Thursday - Something Fishy

I do like me some morbidity, even better when it is beautifully illustrated. This week's features are digital illustrations with a certain aquatic theme. :)

Haha I know the last picture isn't exactly 'beautiful', might even be a little gory too. But it is the type of artwork that warrants a second look to spot the details. It is perhaps a dead body under water at first glance, but wait, those aren't fishes. Then you probably think, perhaps it is an upside down picture of a dead body hanging above water? But notice the lines dripping out of the mouth, the gravity in the picture.

There are so many things and themes that artists can paint, some makes you happy, and some stimulates your mind, some even terrifies you. So... what kind of pictures that you like to look at? :)

And the most beautiful thing? All of the artists above are from different countries. :)


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