Saturday, November 20, 2010

HUGE Giveaway with total value of $800!

Late last month (or was it earlier this month?) I mentioned that something big is in the works for this month's giveaway, and it is BIG alright! I am a part of The Rikrak Studio's Happy Holidays MEGA Giveaway! There are a total of 32 items up for grabs, and get this, the total value of the entire giveaway is $800!! The giveaway is divided into 5 different packs, each worth $125 and above. Which means there will be 5 winners!

You can win the White Snow bracelet (retail value of $22) from me in the giveaway! :) It is in Prize Pack E which is valued at a whopping $225! The highest among all the prize packs.

The best thing is, this giveaway is open for everyone in the world! So if you're broke this Christmas and has no money to get gifts for your loved ones, consider entering this giveaway (or other giveaways really) to try and win some. Who knows, you may just get lucky. :)


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