Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Around the World - Phoenix, AZ - Moderncat

After going around the European region for more than 2 months, the Around the World series finally traveled back to the US region. The first stop we're making is in Phoenix, Arizona! Let's see what handmade items the city have to offer us. :)

If you're a cat lover and a cat owner, you're gonna love this shop! Moderncat Studios sell stylish cat treats and cat toys. Sick of the less than satisfactory designed cat toys from pet shops? Never fear, for Moderncat is here, just a few clicks away! Selling a variety of products such as colorful catnip-filled pillows, (both big and small, some even with a rattle!) luxury cat beds, cat lounge and scratchers, as well as little cat toys, you're bound to find something that will go along with your mod home decor. ;)

I'm actually tempted to get some for my cat too, but I'm not sure if my old little granny likes toys... at all. Thus far she had shown no interest in any of the toys I offered her, she only likes the brush!


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