Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Nod to Halloween

We don't exactly celebrate Halloween in Malaysia. There are the costume parties scattered here and there in clubs and pubs, but we don't do the whole trick or treating thing over here. Which is sad actually, I wish I could do it at least once when I was a little kid, it look like so much fun on TV. :(

Nevertheless, I do enjoy looking at all the Halloween decors and handmade crafts on Etsy!

Black cats!
Skeleton Cat Halloween Ornament - KillkennycatArt // Black Cat Cupcake Toppers - wishdaisy

Scary Zombies!
Zombie Gardener Stake - VonChandler // Zombie Repellant Soap - rudeandreckless

Alluring Vampires!
Vampire Fangs Sign Party Decor - SlippinSouthern // Vampire Girl Mug - MaidOfClay

Wicked Witches!
Vintage 1960s Sexy Witch Dress - FabGabs // Halloween Witche's Brew Mug - squackdoodle

Bat Woman Mask - 42shab // Plague Doctor's Mask in white leather - TomBanwell

And last but not least, perhaps the best part!

Yummy Treats!
Chocolate Filled Pumpkins - andiesspecialtysweets // Gourmet Marshmallow Chocolate Bats - madysonsmarshmallows


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