Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Around the World - San Diego, CA - REDSTARink

Now that we're done in Phoenix, Arizona, our second stop in US is San Diego in California! And it looks like San Diego is a very promising city for fantastic handmade wares! I might need to do more than just 4... ;)

First off we have REDSTARink with her simple, bold and modern paper goods. I love the thoughtfulness that she put into her designs, especially with her notebooks. The shape and size was so well thought out to suit the notebook's purpose. The prime example is the elongated shape of the Long list notebook, which is perfect for well.. your long to-do list. ;) Also, the design for her Bills Calendar is just so clever! The way the elastic band goes across the letter S creating a $ sign is just pure genius! Aside from fantastic notebooks which as you can see I totally adore, she also makes pretty awesome cards, art prints and gift tags.


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