Sunday, October 2, 2011

New! Art and Vintage Art Pendants

So finally, here they are! For the past few weeks I had been crunching these out gradually. They are art pendants, new additions that I am going to add into the shop. :) There are mainly two types, this is the hand drawn one using fade and water proof ink on scrapbook paper.

And this is the second type, cut directly straight out of a vintage storybook. They are not reprints, they are illustrations from a page in a vintage book itself. So stock is limited for some, some are even OOAK since I couldn't find a second book!

I will list them into the shop gradually throughout the next week, so if you have a pendant you want, you better watch out for it! ;) The dancing fox one is one of the OOAK pieces... at least for now. I'll try to look for another copy of the book to make more if possible.


Allison said...

Just found you via Etsy! What a great collection and blog!

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