Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Around the World - Romania - Baghy

I love looking at sketchbooks and journals, and certainly wished I could collect them all. But alas, I am not too much of a sketcher or jotter. :( It doesn't hurt to look though, right? (and dream) Right now, I am loving what I see on Baghy. I've seen my share of leather journals on Etsy, but few had such darling and pretty drawings on them! I also love the belt buckle safety strap for some of the designs, although I can imagine that it will be troublesome to flip it open when you need to, but it is extra security for more private stuff such as a diary. Maybe, just maybe, when I finished all my current blank journals, I'll get a leather one just to pamper and congratulate myself. :)


Amanda said...

So cute! I love the buckles - fantastic!

bre said...

i love notebooks, and these are lovely!

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