Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Word Picks - Whisper

This week's word had an unexpected turn out. :) The word is...


Strapless Ball Gown - vuedesign // Whispers Confessions of Love Bracelet - NewFashionedWhispers
Whisper on a Breeze Bridal Fascinator - hairbowswonderworld // Whispering Wind - kristakeltanen
Whisper, Dainty Hydrangea Bobbies - gardensofwhimsy // Blush Tulle Pom Pom Ring - NestPrettyThingsShop

So soft and pretty! For the complete treasury : Sweet Whispers

This week's word was chosen by the gorgeous Stephanie (who is also the lady in this first picture!) from LaCocoRouge.

So what should next week's word be? Suggest by posting in the comments below!
For a list of words already suggested, please refer to this post.


bre said...

i love that lacy umbrella! great photos.

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