Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crazy about Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Tweed Striped Suitcase - havenvintage // Large Samsonite Suitcase - OldGreenCanoe

I confess, I have a thing for vintage suitcases. Especially those with tweeds and stripes! Although they might not be very practical in the modern times, (what with the existence of luggage wheels and all) they still look mighty stylish to be carried around. :) I have two vintage suitcases myself, which maybe I should show you one day.


evey said...

what a creative and gorgeous blog. your aesthetic is divine.

I too have a love for vintage suitcases, and am constantly searching in thrift stores for just the right one. or ten. :)

thanks for the shop critique by the way. I am going to add the type of comparison shots you are talking about, and retitle some of my aceo's as altered playing cards. perhaps that will set me apart from the market a little.

following your blog now and I look forward to getting to know you more.


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