Saturday, October 1, 2011

Around the World - Romania - Laura Galic

One type of seller that I always admire on Etsy are those that design and make clothes. (maybe because I don't know how to sew?) Laura Galic from Romania, is one of them, and her clothing designs just completely blew me away! There is a certain sophistication and a daring flare to her designs, the strong silhouettes and sometimes unisex designs makes them great for office work, especially for those ladies of higher authority. I am absolutely in love with that jacket with the frilly tail.


Shayla said...

These are handmade!? For such great quality in the craftsmanship she sells her clothing at a very reasonable price. I could see these in fashion magazines. I love the top left jacket the most. Wish I could splurgggeee and get it!!

Alex Kam said...

Me too!! I wish I have an occasion to wear it too!

Suzin said...

Laura Galic is an amazing designer! I've had the good fortune of discovering her shop on etsy and am the proud owner of one of her jackets, the Enia in gleaming white with sumptuous black lining. You must check out her new dress line, just breathtaking in uniqueness and jaw dropping elegance. Her designs are BRILLIANT, her craftmanship METICULOUS and her comittment to her customers EXCEPTIONAL. A warning; when you don one of her creations you will turn innumerable heads in your direction. Her wearable art empowers in it's fabulous ferocity. Laura Galic is the star to watch!

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