Thursday, February 10, 2011

Around The World - Korea

South Korea is our next destination in the Asian region! The rapidly developing country is rich with culture and bursting with talent. When you mention about Korea, the few first things that popped up in my mind are... large boy bands, and kimchi, a well known fermented vegetable dish. Although I don't like kimchi, a close friend of mine does and loooves, she went to South Korea earlier in January and she claims that they have the trendiest of fashions. Not to mention cute guys. ;)

They also have the most adorable handmade items! So without further ado, here are my Korean finds. :)

There is something very attractive with MorningCalm's soaps. Her photos are clean, uncomplicated and just simply attractive. Less is more right? She is still a newbie right now, but I foresee her being very successful in the future. :) And being a handmade soap lover, I can't help but want to try out her soap! But alas I need to lessen the amount I currently have in my hoard before I try new things.

Did I mention South Korea has really adorable handmade items? Well Indigosome is definitely one of them. She makes these really cute hand bound books with assorted collage covers, and I can tell you that I really love them! It is a surprise that she still doesn't have any sales yet! How is that possible?! Someone needs to own one of these cute books!

At first I thought these were wallets, until I read their titles and descriptions. These lovely items made by Atelierdesoyun are actually needle holders! Knitting needles, crochet needles, hooks, you name it. They are so adorable as well and I love the texture she has going on with the fabric. It is really a pity they are not wallets.

Having being featured on the Etsy Blog before, Revolt70 is a collective of Koreans that makes gorgeous watches. I can't begin to describe how good their craftsmanship is, the amount of detail, the little cute details. Their work just amazes me to no end! My favorite from their shop is the bunny watch above :)

Senayoon makes some really adorable and sporty clothes for the younger generation. I have a preference to cute hoods, and I absolutely love the grey hood cardigan with the huge sleeves on the top right. Her designs are just so playful and cute!

If you are planning for a romantic wedding, you should definitely check out Woomi. Another prime example for the Korean distinctive clean, uncomplicated style, her products definitely exudes professionalism. She has a huuuuge array of colors and styles as well to suit any bride's needs.


Hwasoon said...

oh, thank you so much for including my work here. I was very surprised to check my shop this morning. Many items are gone! Thank you again.

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