Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today, I tried some blueberries for the first time. :D I was at Jusco supermarket yesterday with my family and my mom picked it up. It was pretty affordable, imported from Chile, we were curious, so we got a box. My first opinion? They don't taste great, some were bland, some were sour, and some are mildly sweet. But damn they make an addictive snack because of their size and ease of eating. Just pop it into your mouth and chew away!

For RM8.90 (roughly $3) a box, I say they are some pricey, but healthy snack. Would want to try them again when I go to US later this year though. :9 Raspberries and blackberries too! I haven't tried those yet! But the raspberries were double the price of blueberries at the supermarket... ;_;


Ah Yng said...

summer is the season for blueberries, hopefully the fresh ones will be more sweet than sour when you're here! :D

Alex Kam said...

Hopefully! :D Had you tried raspberries and blackberries before too?

Ah Yng said...

nope, but we shall venture out to farmers market and get fresh berries together :D

Alex Kam said...

Yey that sounds like fun!! >u<

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