Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Box of Free Goodies!

Yesterday I got a pleasant surprise in my mail - the box of goodies I won from Sampler Village in a giveaway!! :D My first giveaway win woohoo! Even in it's sealed state, I could smell a faint fragrance coming from within. It is a "Be My Valentine" sampler box, and it arrived just in time for Valentines, how awesome is that?

When I popped open the box, I found this inside. How thoughtful and pretty. :) The smell is even stronger now!

And here it is, the moment of truth. These are all the goodies I found inside, yes... ALL in that red colored box! :D I haven't count or went through every single item yet, there is just so many!! Lots of soap samples and soy melt tarts though, and most in the shape of hearts, d'aaaw~

You know I felt like a little kid opening presents on their birthdays when I was opening this box, hehehe. Just so excited!!

I will write another post later when I get around to take better pictures and go through all the items. :)


Sampler Village said...

Fabulous Alex! So glad you are enjoying all the goodies :) Thanks for sharing the LOVE!

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