Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Month of February

February Birth Stone : Amethyst

Hello from the pass! This is a scheduled post that I typed yesterday because I am currently away for a short vacation during Chinese New Year. The shop is not in vacation but all purchases will be shipped on February 7th because the post office is on a long weekend holiday as well. :)

A lot had happened in January, and one of them was... my items hit the front page for the first time!! I got a whooping load of page views and sold 4 items overnight! I am SOOOOOOOOOO ECSTATIC!! This drove me to make more! Too bad that I can't relist my bracelet that hit the FP because I ran out on one of the pearl colors, and my supplier had not restocked yet either. :( But anyways, here is a summary of January in overall. The goals that I had set for January was...

1. Get to 105 sales.
2. Get to 450 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 200 items.

In which I achieved...

1. 115 sales. (WHOA, overshot!)
2. 470 shop hearts. (Also overshot!)
3. 169 items. (Hahaha!)

Surprisingly, I sold more in January than in December, which is... kind of weird. In overall, January really was an eventful month for me. A few factors might have affected the stats you see above, such as my item hitting the front page, me donating a few items to help the Australian Flood Appeal, and disabling a few listings due to certain reasons.

I am still in the midst of a shop makeover for Skyejuice though, which hopefully will bring more sales to the shop and strengthen my shop's image. So I will be more gentle for this month's goals. :)

1. Get to 125 sales.
2. Get to 550 shop hearts.
3. Fill the shop to 190 items.

Also trying to figure out how to revamp the blog or should I move it to wordpress. Hmm... decisions decisions! I am planning for a giveaway for when I decided what to do on this, so watch out! ;)


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