Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspirational Friday - Oddly Shaped Bookshelves

There is a certain joy when you see books neatly placed on a shelf. Unfortunately I do not have a proper bookshelf of my own, just a CD rack from Ikea that I improvised into a bookshelf. But you would be surprised how many oddly designed and cool bookshelves out there. There is still love for books :)

I want a bookshelf like this!

A bit inconvenient, but looks pretty cool. :)

Originally titled "Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends".

It is like those twisted trees often seen in goth fairy tales, like the dark forests. :D I wonder if this bookshelf was made with the wood from those trees? Lol. Love the sense of movement though.

Great bookshelf to remind yourself to read.


JillHannah said...

DROOL! This is like nerd porn. I love it!

GimbelGoldbar said...

I love the circular one that's got lots of different spaces, but there's no info on where to purchase, so its not worth blogging.

I'm soo tired of bloggers not giving info of where to find...:/

Anonymous said...

where can i find these? i'd love to purchase ANY of them!

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