Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspirational Friday - Leggings!

I'm finally back woohoo! And a belated Happy Chinese New Year to all, I hope that the year of the rabbit would be a great year for all. :) I haven't seen the annual prediction for peeps born on the year of the bull yet, (which is me! I am a bull gal!) I do hope it will be good!

While packing to go back to my grandma's for Chinese New Year though, I realized that my favorite leggings were gone! :( My mom might have misplaced it somewhere after doing laundry and I couldn't find them. I'm still a little upset about it, although I'm sure it would pop up again some time... so I decided, that I should hunt for more interesting leggings and tights! And these... are just wonderful!!

Raindrops tights! So cute!

I'm intrigued by the concept of tattoo stockings :D

Scales and lines, reminds me of fishes. :) She makes some other very interesting looking stockings as well!

You can't go wrong with argyle. ;)

Last but not least, leg bones leggings. How cool is that? :D

One day.. I will own one of these stockings!

Due to my absence, I missed a post for the Around the World series, but that will resume next week!


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