Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around The World - New York

So far I had already did 5 Around the World posts, and I decided that it is time to hit a city in US for the 6th. :) Right now the cycle starts with 5 posts on international sellers, (individual countries) and I'm thinking maybe I'll do 3 post on US sellers, 1 from UK and 1 from Australia. With the latter half of the 10 based on major cities instead of individual countries. Since aside from the US majority, I think UK and Australia are the next biggest on Etsy. :)

Without further ado, here is the first city that I'm going to hit in US, and that is The Big Apple - New York.

Being one of the most well known and biggest city in the world, New York is a gathering hub for some of the biggest talents in the world. Talent reality shows like Project Runway (in which I occassionally indulge in) are held in New York, among other fashion shows and art exhibitions. So it is very exciting for me to find talented sellers on Etsy, as I have really high expectations. And I was not disappointed. :)

Because there are just too many wonderful Etsy sellers from New York though, I have no choice but to break the 6-person rule and make it a 8-person feature instead.

Since I mentioned about Project Runway in an earlier paragraph, I need to start this off with a fashion shop yeah? ;) And Felinus is a more suitable candidate like non other. Keeping a more monotonous and a vintage style, her shop stands out to me like a dark modern fairy tale. Browsing through her shop feels like I am reliving my favorite fairy tales, just with a darker twist, in which I like. :)

Still a fashion shop, next up is artlab! Being totally different from Felinus, I like how there's a 'grunge' tone to her work. Her intricate cutting, unexpected folds and delicate ruffles all make her work look modern and edgy. Only she could make ruffles look grungy!

Still fashion, but in a slightly different category are teeshirtgnome's amusing t-shirts! I love how they poke fun of modern culture and puns. My personal favorite is the East River Aquarium tee! (the shark breaking out of the glass one)

There are a lot of jewelry sellers in New York, but I am quite taken by locallibrary. The simple shapes presented in unexpected ways, I just love the simplicity and overall consistency of her collection. And her photography skills? Excellent!

Katedurkin has the cutest plushies, pillows and illustrations! Her simple, consistent style and the color usage really speaks loudly for her work, and keep everything looking uniformed. I can't decide if I like the whale pillow or giraffe pillow more. I have a friend who would like the dachshund pillow though. :)

From cuteness, we are going to jump straight into oddity and creepiness. Frankenkitty takes some of the most disturbing bunny pictures that I have ever seen. Although thanks to the Silent Hill games, bunnies already creep me out enough. But aside from unusual photos like those above, she sells some prints of flowers as well. However, I feel that her creepier photos are stronger than the others.

Stepanka's ceramics are some of the strangest I have ever seen. I love how she detail the illustrationed cups and wall pillow with 'raised' sides and holes. Gives it a 3D feel, makes you want to touch them, feel them! (if only!) I also love her translucent cups as well, whether it be the alphabet one on top of the dotted ones in her shop, it would just look so amazing by a window :)
Last but not least, I feel the need to include this vintage and collectibles items seller - FishboneDeco. I know vintage collectors are not really considered as 'artists' or 'crafters', but having a cohesive collection and how to represent them in photo, that unifies the entire shop's looks. Now that, will definitely take some skills. So kudos to FishboneDeco! For having such a consistent and amazing retro collection!

Because US is so big, I had decided to let it have a map of it's own where I can pin my hearts at. :) Perhaps when I start doing Australia and UK, I could add them to the roster with US as well. A thumbnail will be placed on the side bar (eventually) and you could access it to know which places I had done. If you have a suggestion for next week's city in the US, feel free to suggest them in the comments!


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