Friday, March 2, 2012

The 30 Days of Lists - Challenges to Accept

1. Complete all 30 lists for thirty days of list.
2. Draw more, write more.
3. Run my small business full time without a day job.
4. Cut down on spendings or spend wiser.
5. Start two more Etsy shops - Supplies and art shop tentatively.

I decided to take on something new, and joined the 30 Days of Lists challenge! Since I need to do this everyday, maybe it can spur my creativity again. Decided to do this in typography poster style hahahaha, taking the opportunity to dust off my typography design skills once more. Who knows? Maybe by the time I'm done with the challenge, I'll have a fabulous new skill set. ;)

Anyways, yeaaaah that's my list above. :) I'll elaborate on the without a day job part in the near future. ;)


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