Friday, March 9, 2012

In Memory of Ginger

Mid April last year, I rescued an orange kitty in dire need of medical attention, she had a bad case of mange. At first I was just a fosterer, but as time passed I grew close to her and decided to adopt her, much to my parent's chagrin. (eventually they relent anyway, hehe) She was diagnosed with kidney disease a short time after that, and was estimated to be 11-14 years old at the time based on the condition of her teeth. Most of them were already gone, only molars left. Ginger needed to be on a special diet specially for her kidney disease, and she need to take meds everyday.

This morning she was found dead and her body was already stiff under my neighbor's car. It was a shock for me, she seemed fine the day before! There was no apparent injury. We suspect she already knew she was about to die because yesterday night at 11pm+ my mom saw her sitting outside, staring intently in the direction where we found her dead body. She never looks in that direction. My mom called her but she did not budge, normally she would at least look back even if she didn't want to come into the house compound. At 12am+ I came down to check on her, she was sleeping right beside the door, I accidentally woke her up when I was opening the door and I said 'goodbye' to her, urged her to continue sleeping and waved. I normally do this when I am going away from her for a few hours.

She is now buried under a flowering plant nearby, with cement blocks and bricks as tombstone and grave marker. I will be able to see her everyday because I drive by that spot every time I come home. RIP Ginger. T_T

If you want to read more about her tale, just click here.


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