Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Days

My apologies for the lack of update in the last two days. Because as luck have it, I caught a terrible virus and was out of commission for nearly two full days. Trust me, 15 diarrheas in a day are not fun. Why I call it a virus? Because it is contagious. My brother was the first to catch it early last week, then the kid my mom babysits, following by both her siblings, my mom later in the week, and finally... me. Hopefully that is the end of the cycle.

For the last two days I spent at least 13 hours a day sleeping, drifting in and out on the couch, and was not well enough to sit in front of the PC at all. I spent a lot of time playing Draw Something on my iPod Touch though... Anyways, I'm so totally behind with the 30 Days of List! I'll try my best to keep up, but at this rate, and with the preparations for the Arts for Grabs market later in the weekend, it will not be an easy task.

Hopefully I don't get sick again. Sigh, will try my best to pick up the backlog and get everything back on track soon!


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