Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sick day? Scratch that. Sick WEEK!!

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Whoops! I dropped out of the face of the blogosphere a little bit there. So, so terrible sorry! I have a very good reason though - I got ply on with more sickness, lol.

The diarrhea did not stop, once I stopped taking the meds for it, it just reoccurs. Then by last Thursday I developed a nasty sore throat which was diagnosed as a throat infection on Friday morning. The doctor also said I will have a fever coming due to the throat infection, and I was bedridden a few hours later. The sore throat was so, so painful! By Saturday I had totally lost my voice.

It was actually the Arts for Grabs weekend, I mentioned Arts for Grabs in one of the 30 Days of List earlier this month. But I was too sick still, and had to rest in on Saturday and missed the first day of Arts for Grabs. Thankfully the fever finally receded and I feel a lot better on Sunday, so decided to pack up and head on to the second half of Arts for Grabs. I didn't bring a lot of inventory or too many display items, as I just want to cover my cost and take it easy. In the end, I did managed to cover cost and earn a little bit, after that I head off with my best friend who came to help me pack up, and we had delicious Vietnamese pho for dinner, the tastiest meal I had the whole week!

I'm finally back to work Monday, but at the same time my sore throat had turned into a nasty cough. It was difficult to sleep, having coughing fits that woke me up so frequently. And by this morning, my chest already started to hurt from the violent coughing. I probably strained a muscle somewhere.

Well... at least I am not bedridden anymore! I'm slowly getting back on track, trying to get my backlog of things done like my 30 Days of List, (how behind am I? Oh no!) orders, art, etc. Wish me luck!!


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