Saturday, March 3, 2012

Around the World - Israel - Yoola

STILL on the Israel marathon for the Around the World series, this is the 9th featured shop. We're almost till the end!

Until I discovered Yoola, I never knew that crochet wire jewelry existed. And boy was I soooo amazed at the intricate craft and the versatility. I've went to some basic wire wrapping classes before and I can definitely tell you I have major respect for people that are great at wire craft! And Yoola is no exception. The amount of detail, design, and even the 3D form, it is just so mind blowing! The best thing is that Yoola offered video tutorial on how to make crochet wire jewelry as well. How amazing is that? However, I am not emotionally ready to tackle this craft yet. I don't even know how to crochet!


YooLa said...

Alex... hey, whta an honor :) Thanks for writing about my work :)
and i love the collage you made !

YooLa said...

you dont need to know how to crochet to lern my technique..... ISK (invisible spool knitting) is very different...
so when you are ready you know where to find me ;-)

Sigalit Alcalai said...

Great post!
Indeed, a great artist, I love her unique crochet jewelry :)

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