Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taking the Leap

Once in a while, a quote from one of my wisest friends would ring in my head. "Eventually, artists and designers would work for their own." Either starting their own studio, be a freelancer or run their own indie business. Because I realized, especially in Malaysia, that there is close to no creative freedom  in the corporate world for designers. I had realized this increasingly lately as I was practically pulled by the nose by a client from my day job to complete a recent work. Twenty edits later, the design is no longer mine, but the client's. I might as well hand the computer to him and let him do the work himself.

Overworked, underpaid, under appreciated, this was the life of a designer in Malaysia.

Inspired by the Quit Your Day Job series on Etsy, ever since I started my Etsy shop I had always been working towards one goal - Quitting my day job. And I am happy to announce that... I finally had. :)

On the leap year day - February 29th, which is exactly a week ago, I finally tendered in my resignation letter to my employer. Woohoo!! It was such a liberating feeling, to know that I will be rid of this dead end job once and for all. Although I still need to work 3 more months here, (I need to give a 3 months notice) but after that I will be freeee~!! And I will be concentrating on Skyejuice and Starjuice full time. Soooo looking forward to that!!

Want to take a peek of what designers need to suffer? Check out this fun site Clients from Hell hahahaha.


Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Congrats!!! I hear you, especially on the 20 edits later the design is no longer your own part. I hope to be able to support myself through freelance design, etsy and my art someday. Luckily my design job is pretty sweet right now but still I crave my own little world, you know. Going to check out clients from hell, haha.

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