Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Around the World - Ukraine - Beauty Spot

Now that we're finally done touring Israel, (10 shops gosh!!) let's hit a new country next! If we head some ways up north from Israel, we'll hit... Ukraine!!

Now let's see what Ukraine has to offer in fantastic Etsy shops. :)

You would be hiding in a rock on Etsy if you have not seen Beauty Spot before. They are more well known for their art resin jewelry, but there are a few other gorgeous pieces in their shop as well that is both vintage inspired and romantic. I must admit, I had more than one occasion studied the way they photograph their pendants. The setting and lighting is just so exquisite! One can see that a lot of time and effort had been placed into the product photography, and this we should learn from them. :) I am also convinced that they have the best sunlight ever! Such a soft and pretty glow in the photos, something I probably can't achieve with Malaysia's harsh sunlight.

Anyways, I should stop gushing at their photos hahaha. Check out their jewelry pieces, a lot of them are really unique and lovely. My favorite is the piano necklace!


Ginger said...

What a great shop,i also have many faves! I love leaves so i think all of the leaf jewelry is pretty(like the Green Leaf earrings).
I received my Raspberry Necklace is lovely and i am sohappy to have it,thanks again!! :)

Alex Kam said...

I LOVE the green leaf earrings too! Too bad I don't wear earrings!

Glad that you received the raspberry necklace safely! :)

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